The nature of the taxi and private hire business has changed dramatically over the last few years with the arrival of mobile app companies. The technology is the future in which a ride is requested, and it will drive future business. Operators either adopt this technology or get left behind.

The problem with existing mobile app companies and the reason why we exist is:

1. Passengers – although the convenience of using mobile apps is great, passengers are frequently charged surge prices.

Pixi does not charge surge prices!

2. Drivers – are charged 20-30% of their earnings, and any person can become a driver therefore increasing the competition for rides and so reducing the average earnings by drivers whose main job is a taxi or private hire driver.

Pixi charges drivers minimal fees. For more details about your options, email us at info@pixi.cab.

3. Operators – are losing their business and will do so if they do not adopt the technology of using mobile apps...it’s the future,

Pixi welcome Operators and the right Operator will have exclusive use of Pixi in their area of operations.

So, Pixi is here for the passengers, drivers and operators.

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